22 March / Rise Up

Poetry has the capacity to evoke the inexpressible. What does it mean to feel at home somewhere – or nowhere? What is the impact of terrorist attacks on a life, and on a city? Over the last few weeks, the London slam poet Sukina Douglas (Poetic Pilgrimage, Malcolm X) has been on the move in Brussels to talk about these questions with people from all walks of life.

This weekend she will be heading a multilingual poetry workshop for fifteen selected participants. People who share the same city, but rarely come into real contact with each other. From engaged Muslim women from Molenbeek to international lobbyists from the European quarter. From vibrant youngsters to erudite greybeards. Following the ‘knock-down’ and ‘lock-down’ of a year ago, Rise Up will be resurrecting the resilience of Brussels’ people. Urban dramaturgy on a foundation of poetry.

On the symbolic date of 22 March you will be able to sample the writings from the workshop at the KVS. Note that seats for this Poetic Memorial are limited, so it’s a must to book on the website.