After work Malcolm X met Eric&Eric

Join us for our second after work of this season on October 14! As of 5PM you are welcome to discover an exhibition or enjoy some music. 

Eric van Uytven is lives and works in Brussels. He is an autodidact that creates collages, installations and interventions. He has exhibited at the Pianofabriek, Gallery Saint Lambert, Recyclart art centers in Brussels. Internationally he has exhibited in Amsterdam, Berlin, London and Paris. His triptych at KVS aims to make the invisible visible, a space of both terror and possibility. He initiates a dialogue between multiple narratives who speak about unearned advantages in the system, structures and institutions of society.

DJ Boogiewomen keeps the pimps down and the flows up!

Solo performance: Eric Labat is a soul and R&B singer born and raised in Brussels. Eric grew up listening to the Congolese chants of his mother and the vinyl collection his father brought home from his trips to the United States. Performing at different jam session, jazz gigs, open mics in the Belgian music scene permitted him to get to know a lot of passionate musicians and this resulted in different collaborations. He regularly wrote and sang for bands like HNMK, Brussels Pop Masters know as BPM, The Soul Triggers and just released his own EP X-E.P.RIENCE in collaboration with DJ Da Vinci, TerraOne and EMOS. 

'To me Malcolm X is a prophet. He was not an angel. He did bad things in his youth, he went to jail. I was born in Brussels in the 80s and grew up in the 90s. We had gangs and it was hard for mixed-raced kids like me and my brothers to grow up in that context. Malcolm X broke out of this gangster life and created a big movement. He had a change in his personal life and created a change in society. Later when it became clear that the Nation of Islam was not for him, he realized on his own that he had to change his direction, and he did it. In doing so he inspired many people, like me.' (Eric Labat)

Malcolm X at KVS BOL. The premiere is sold out, but there are some tickets left for the other shows. Don't hesitate!