Big in Belgium (and also in Scotland)

After an unlikely international journey, KVS face Valentijn Dhaenens brings the SKaGeN monologues BigMouth and SmallWar together on one evening, as a final tour. To be booked together or separately.

In BigMouth, Valentijn Dhaenens performs an ode to 2500 years of oration. Using fragments from famous and lesser-known speeches, he demonstrates that rhetorical devices have hardly changed through time. The sermon, the declaration of war, the farewell, the final plea, the victory speech, the eulogy… Whoever chooses their words right can turn the weakest argument into the strongest. Absolute truths don’t exist. They are a beautiful lie for those who crave world dominance, or the hand of a loved one. 
BigMouth was performed over 300 times in 25 countries. The production received countless five-star reviews and won a number of international prizes. 

Whereas SKaGeNs BigMouth uses historical speeches made by world leaders to fire up the masses, leading to war, SmallWar presents the flipside of the coin. What are the consequences of such inflaming rhetoric for the man in the street – for those who have to act upon those words? Valentijn Dhaenens takes the floor again and zooms in on a field hospital in World War I. A cynical nurse, a deserter, an ambulance driver, a defeated doctor-surgeon… They each bring their honest story to the stage.