Book launch + photo expo 'South Africa at Liberty'

The new photobook South Africa at Liberty is now on the market. This book features the work of South African photographer Yasser Booley. At this occasion, two launches will take place in presence of the artist : on Thursday the 8th of  December at Het Pand in Ghent and on Friday the 9th of December at KVS in Brussels.

Yasser ‘Mierkat’ Booley started producing photographs on the eve of the ‘new’ South Africa. Raised within the tension of a conservative Cape Malay home in a politically fraught South Africa, he soon became an observant apprentice, set on mastering the essence of the eclectic ‘rainbow nation’. This book is a celebration, an indulgent vision. Booley’s South Africa shows ordinary people caught at a crossroads, entangled in a dishevelled unity. He brings to light the beauty of humanity through all religious and cultural differences, through class and gender diversity. His character and style reveal an unbridled optimism, sprinkled with an accidental whiff of irony.

The booklaunch in Brussels takes place at KVS. Yasser Booley will present his work and the public will have the opportunity to discuss with him (in English). The KVS also hosts the photo exhibition from the book South Africa at Liberty. After the meeting, a drink will be offered.

These two activities are coupled with the dance performance Darling. This poetic show is a creation of and performed by choreographers Moya Michael (South Africa) and Igor Shyshko (Belarus).


Book launch 
KVS BOX - Free entrance
Registration required before December the 6th: audrey.brisack [at]

Photo expo
09.12.2016 > 13.12.2016
during the day: Monday to Friday 11:00 - 17:00
in the evening: from 1 hour before the show of Darling (9, 10 & 13.12.2016)
KVS BOX - Free entrance