Bruno Vanden Broecke wins prestigious Louis D'Or Prize!

Bruno Vanden Broecke wins the most important Dutch stage award for his performance in Para.

At the Dutch Theatre Festival 2018 Bruno Vanden Broecke was awarded the prize for best male lead role for his performance as soldier Nico Staelens in Para. The jury was impressed with his ‘deceivingly natural acting’.

From the jury report: “In all aspects, Bruno Vanden Broecke appears to be an actor who does not act in Para: he becomes the character. He starts the performance timid and clumsy, slowly grabs the audience mercilessly by the throat, and drags them into his pride, culminating into an enormous sadness and rage. In a superb monologue that bypasses documentary theatre, Vanden Broecke fully embodies the impotence around this new Sorrow of Belgium.”

Bruno is the first Belgian actor in 11 years to receive this honour. The Dutch jury rated his performance over the other talented nominees, Eelco Smits (TGAmsterdam/Toneelhuis, for ‘Vergeef ons’) and Steven van Watermeulen (NTGent, for ‘Onderworpen’).