The debate around (post-) colonialism and decolonisation

It has been a turbulent week in KVS. The reprisal of Het Leven en de Werken van Leopold II and the reactions it has generated has fueled the debate around (post-) colonialism and decolonisation, and how it applies to the arts. These themes are dear to the heart of KVS and are explicitly addressed at different moments throughout the season. In doing so, this week, different individuals have been pained and for that we truly apologise. In the space between intentions and impact, a lot that has gone awry; we take full responsibility for this.

At the request of the artist, Fractured Memory has been cancelled tonight and tomorrow. We regret that we can no longer present this important work but respect the artist's decision.

We would like to express our appreciation to the involved artists, colleagues, partners and critics and see these events as an opportunity to grow. We believe in theater and the power of dialogue and remain committed to conducting the sometimes difficult but necessary conversations.