Discover Marie Gyselbrecht and Sachli Gholamalizad during the Brussels Gallery Weekend 10.09.2016

On September 10, from 10:00am to 12:30pm, in the framework of the programme curated by Matteo Lucchetti for the 2016 Brussels Gallery Weekend, KVS - The Brussels City Theatre is hosting the talk The Dispersed Museum.It will be a discursive platform aimed at involving the local  community of artists, curators, gallerists and collectors in a round table discussion that re-imagines the role and functions of the future Brussels Museum for Contemporary Art.

KVS opens its doors and invites two performing artists, Marie Gyselbrecht and Sachli Gholamalizad, to exhibit their photography and a video-installation. The exhibitions will be shown on Saturday 10.09 from 10:00am to 02:00pm and from 16.09 until 18.09 before and after the performances of Cold Blood as part of the KVS KICK-OFF Weekend.

Marie Gyselbrecht - The Waiting Room
Marie Gyselbrecht has been a performer with dance theatre company Peeping Tom since 2008. Touring globally, performing in different countries and theatres all over the world, being on set is her home. The only constant element is this fictional universe, while the environment and setting always changes.

She started to take pictures in her hotel rooms. She started to capture a life in transit. Coming back „home” from performing on stage. Sometimes traces of the character still remain stuck to her skin. An anonymous, functional and impersonal space, a bed slept in by strangers, a transit zone, for the coming 24 hours. An intimate space to be secluded to, to wait in.

Marie Gyselbrecht (°1983, Ghent, BE) joined Peeping Tom in 2008, and Moeder will be her fourth production with the company. Moeder will premiere at Theater im Pfalzbau (Ludwigshafen, DE) on 29 September 2016. KVS shows the Belgian premiere 10.11.2016.  

Sachli Gholamalizad – Is this the world we created?
Sachli Gholamalizad researches how personal stories relate to the world we are living in today, through video art, documentary movies and theatre. How we deal with suffering and pain in the way we show ourselves and how we watch others? How do we relate to faith, disbelief and a personal sense of guilt?

“Equally moving, provoking and daring. A bold and beautiful piece of art.” Sam Forbes used these words to praise Sachli’s performance A Reason to talk, winner of the FringeFirst Award at Edinburgh Festival 2015. The performance will be shown in French at Théâtre National as part of Toernee General in March 2017. Her newest creation (Not) my paradise will premiere in KVS on the 20 September 2016.


Talk "The Dispersed Museum"
10.09.2016  I  10:00 –12:30  I  KVS TOP

10.9.2016  I  10:00 – 14:00  I  KVS BOL
16.9.2016  I  16:00 – 22:00  I  KVS BOL I KICK-OFF AFTER WORK
17.9.2016  I  19:00 – 22:00  I  KVS BOL
18.9.2016  I  14:00 – 17:00  I  KVS BOL

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Foto © Marie Gyselbrecht