Find Me in Kakuma

Cassette for timescapes

The official launch of the web-documentary Find Me in Kakuma will take place at the KVS at 3 pm on 19 December in the presence of the director, Lieven Corhouts, and the Ministers of Culture and Development Cooperation, Sven Gatz and Alexander de Croo.

The interactive website follows the story of six refugee children in Kakuma, one of the biggest refugee camps in the Horn of Africa, and their search for their parents. Find Me in Kakuma is intended to make us aware, in a creative and active way, what the life of unaccompanied children is like, though without condemning them to the role of victim.

Would you like some words of explanation from the front row? Would you like to know more about what exactly a web-documentary is and how youngsters can work on it themselves? If so, make sure of a seat at this unique event.

FB & Instagram: @findmeinkakuma