INTERVIEW with Pippo Delbono

At the request of his deeply religious, dying mother, the former Christian Pippo Delbono created a performance based on the gospel. The title is “Vangelo”, as the show is based on the Vangelo.

KVS on stage for charity

Uprooted migrants wander the streets a stone’s throw from our theatre. We want to do something for them. Come and watch Malcolm X or Onbezongen in February or make a free contribution and support Deux Euros Cinquante.

INTERVIEW with Christophe Sermet

Christophe Sermet has adapted a novel by Hugo Claus, filled with foolish love, disrespect and death wishes. Dernier lit tells the story of a self-chosen and programmed death. This short story stands for Claus’ world, but told in a nutshell. It is the story of a passion that can’t find its place in society and is pushed out. A strong theatrical concentration of sharp feelings and death wish.