La Mancha and La Murga

KVS opens its season with a bang this year, programming L’Homme de La ManchaBut of course we wouldn’t just start the year with a reprise: this production will be far from old-fashioned. A surprising addition to the format is the murga.

The ghosts of Persian divas from bygone days

Theatre maker Sachli Gholamalizad and visual artist Maryam K. Hedayat met ten years ago in the cultural field in Antwerp and now call themselves friends, colleagues and sisters in arms. KVS brought the two together for a conversation about Sachli’s upcoming performance.

Café Damascus

It’s time to introduce our next pop-up chef! Abdell Baset will be stirring our pots starting Monday 6 August, presenting you with specialties from his homeland Syria.

Summer break

The end of theatre season 2017-2018 is near. And what a season it was, we’re still completely blown away! Before we get stuck into the new season, we’re taking a little break. 

The festival summer of KVS

Think of festivals and you’re thinking of music. But it might just as easily be theatre. After all, there are several theatre festivals on this summer. Although no performances will be on at the KVS itself during the summer months, you won’t have to miss us entirely!


Seniorenslam unites young and old around slam, rap and stage poetry. Two notable social evolutions – aging and youth culture – engage in a surprising creative alliance. 


KVS doesn’t only welcome artists and spectators, but chefs too! Since January 1st 2018, Brussels city theatre KVS has been home to pop-up restaurant Café Congo.