Freshest of chefs!

New Year, new chef! Gitte Hendrikx previously (wo)manned the pots in our canteen, from now on she’ll be taking on Café Congo’s kitchen. She will offer a variety of veggie and meat-based dishes. 

'Fresh tastes best, that’s the motto I was taught at home. We took that literally: the veggies came straight from our garden, and so did the chicken. I grew up eating the traditional Flemish cuisine. As I became independent and garnered an international group of friends, a whole world of flavours and cultures opened up, which I will happily sneak into Café Congo – combined with fresh, seasonal produce.'

Gitte will be chopping, stirring, roasting and baking to her heart’s content from January 2019. Curious to try her creations? Come to Café Congo for a bite and treat your taste buds!