Hugo Claus, con amore

10 years after his death and 50 years after may ’68, BOZAR is devoting an exhibition to flanders’ most acclaimed author: Hugo Claus.  This multidisciplinary exhibition portrays Claus in all his facets: author, painter, theatre maker and film director. Yet it isn't a traditional overview of a life and an oeuvre. Curator Marc Didden has put together a highly personal exhibition with love – con amore – which is not just about Claus, but for Claus. An individual portrait, compiled from meticulously selected archive footage, photos, excerpts of text, and artworks by Appel, Raveel, and Ensor, as well as by contemporary artists such as Borremans, De Cordier, Dillemans and Vanriet.

The exhibition Hugo Claus, con amore can be seen at BOZAR from 28 February until 27 May 2018.