Kreten & Gefluister

Raymond van het Groenewoud

The cries and whispers of a dreamer. Alone at his piano, Raymond van het Groenewoud sounds even more intense. 

Raymond van het Groenewoud has taken leave of his musicians and is now touring alone with the solo show Kreten & Gefluister (Cries and Whispers). But this does not mean his love of music has in any way diminished.

Raymond: ‘I have the feeling I’m really ready for it. And perhaps it was prompted by the headmaster of one of my sons. He asked me when I was finally going to perform without a group. So that my voice could express all its emotions, without the interference of the music.’ And as you can see, I’m doing what he wanted. I shut myself up for three months with a piano and guitar, and the result is Kreten & Gefluister. It’s as if I’m playing in people’s homes.’

€ 25 (cat.1) / € 22 (cat.2)
€ 22 (cat.1) / € 18 (cat.1) / € 13 (-26)