KVS x Cali

KVS would like to give 'the city’ a central place in its activities. Three 'city dramaturges’ will link the stage to the scenes, the streets of Brussels and inspiring partners and cities abroad. One of them Tunde Adefioye went to San Francisco and visited YBCA to examine a possible collaboration.

Here you find his short report. 

"In April I spent ten days in San Francisco for Urban Woorden and partners' Next Generation Speaks international project. When not in meetings or workshops, I took the time to explore some of Cali's cultural offerings. This included a meeting with a cultural programmer at the trendsetting Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA). A potential trans-Atlantic future partner in the making! 

Picture 1 by Amy Diaz Infante


Influenced by my new position as 'city dramaturge' at KVS, my explorations were viewed through a different lens than usual. The graffiti on the walls and garage door of SF's Clarion street all of a sudden had a more pertinent meaning. Seeing Mary Mcloed Bethune's face on the wall next to three significant Persian womyn, made me reflect on the first planned SLOW and it's focus on feminism. How for example could these womyn and their very important stories be included in Sabrina Mahfouz's SLOW."


Picture 2 by Samira Saleh