Last performances of Badke!

In december, Badke can be seen for the last time! After a succesful international 3 year during tour, the last performances of Badke will be played in Vooruit in Ghent.

Badke was part of KVS’ Palestine trajectory. For this performance, Koen Augustijnen, Rosalba Torres (les ballets C de la B) and dramaturge Hildegard De Vuyst work with ten Palestinian performers, young autodidacts from various disciplines including contemporary dance, hip hop, circus, etc.

The term ‘badke’ is a distortion of ‘dabke’, a Palestinian folk dance. The performance starts out from the popular variant: the people’s social, festive dabke. The performers go on to confront this locally rooted dance with elements from worldwide pop (dance) culture. Badke becomes a quest for a dabke that not only conveys the unique Palestinian desire to ‘belong somewhere’, but also the wish to be part of a world beyond that.

To the tones of Naser Al-Fares’ rousing music, the young Palestinians dance their hearts out, but the hard truth grates and pulls beneath the surface.

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