Les Mybalés

The Brussels twins Doris and Nathalie Bokongo Nkumu together form the dance duo Les Mybalés. They are passionate about hip hop and specialise in the genres of house dance and afro house. At KVS they previously appeared in Malcolm X and SLOW#03 KIN <> BRU. In the world of hip hop they made waves at international battles in the house dance category. For their first performance Illusion the sisters worked with French choreographer Marion Motin, in the framework of the European project 7Steps by Lezarts Urbains. With À travers l’autre they are now working on their first proper dance creation. After a number of residencies at KVS and showcases during Festival Lezarts Danses Urbaines and Work In Progress by Mestizo Arts Platform in 2017, we will be presenting the Brussels premiere of this creation in season 2018-19. 

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