Festival Lezarts Danses Urbaines 2017

Lezarts Urbains

Once a year, Lezarts Danses Urbaines forms the epicentre of the Belgian hip hop dance scene. It’s where the rich landscape of urban dance unfolds in a wide range of creations, techniques and styles. From ultra-short choreographic shows to carefully polished performances. From amateur crews and dance schools to up-and-coming names and professional companies. The finale is always a performance of international calibre.

On Saturday 28 October 2017, this festival will be taking over the BOX and the BOL at KVS. Thanks to this brand-new collaboration, the programming will be expanding to include new artists from urban cultures. On this day, Brussels will be the place to be for urban dancers from Liege to Ghent, and from Amsterdam to Namur. As well as for an audience that wants to discover their work and experience the power of the various hip hop styles in dance.

Lezarts Danses Urbaines 2017 comprises an afternoon programme in the BOX (3 pm – 6 pm) and an evening programme in the BOL (8 pm – 11 pm). In between, those dancers who are present can measure themselves against each other in an open cypher contest.

The twin sisters Doris and Nathalie Bokongo Nkuma from Brussels make up the dance duo Les Mybalés.  They are passionate about hip hop and are specialists in the house dance and afro house genres. Last year they performed at KVS in the piece Malcolm X. In the hip hop world, they have stood out in international battles in the house dance category. For their first performance, the sisters worked with the French choreographer Marion Motin in the framework of the European 7Steps project. Illusion immediately marked their breakthrough into European hip hop. In the meantime they have become an established presence at the Lezarts Urbains Festival. This year, they’ll be presenting a work in progress of their latest creation. For this performance, they’ll be calling their own codes into question in order to seek out a more instinctive way of dancing, which has always been specific to the language of hip hop

The Slayers is a trio of dancers who are linked to the ‘Impulsion’ collective.  They draw their inspiration from hip hop new-style, afro dance, turfing, yoga, combat sports and contemporary dance. At the Lezarts Urbains festival they’ll be presenting their first creation: Cyborgs’ Quest.  This embodies the symbolic battle in a world in which humanity fuses with technology, and in which the uniqueness of humans in relation to machines is called into question. In the light of this loss of footing and meaning, it begs the question: what is humankind’s place now, and how does it try to distinguish and define itself ?

More on the programme: TBA.