het TheaterFestival: MAPping Brussels

KVS, Mestizo Arts Platform, Pianofabriek Citylab & Théâtre de Galafronie

The city does not exist. The city is an entity made up of performances that are acted out every day by roughly the same people who do – or don’t do – more or less the same things. Every performer constantly creates and recreates the city. As performers, we ascribe a meaning to this stage set known as ‘the city’. If we all decide to leave the set, then the city becomes a different physical and mental space.

In MAPping, we uncover the traces of unusual users: of makers, artists from an array of different disciplines, an array of different artistic circles, and multiple generations. With all the attendant consequences. Along with them, we discover and rediscover the connective tissue of the city: without pretension, without sensation, but with all the more warmth and feeling. Each in his or her own way, the artists map their city; their home. We jump into their skin and stroll with them through their lives and stories in Brussels.

This performance is unfortunately not accessible to people who are not easily mobile, nor for wheelchair users.

This performance is part of het TheaterFestival 2017 and will be shown on 9 September on 2pm, 4pm and 6pm. Buy your tickets here.