New European writing for theatre


The playwright has been declared dead many times. Yet authors still stubbornly keep on writing. More than ever, or so it seems. Everywhere in Europe they put their scalpel to our confusing reality, whether it be close to home or far distant. And they lay family ties, social tensions, political issues and existential questions on the dissecting table.

This is why the KVS is hosting the second Forum for new theatre writing. For two days we shall be presenting the work of new European voices in cooperation with universities, theatre colleges and other theatre companies.

Under the guidance of Christophe Triau and Karel Vanhaesebrouck, students from the RITCS (Brussels), ESACT (Liège) and TNS (Strasbourg) are preparing staged readings of extracts from plays by authors from Latvia, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Spain and Germany, in French, English or Dutch. Each reading will be followed by a conversation with the author who, like the audience, will be hearing the reading for the first time. The translator will join them. So some Babel-like confusion is assured!

Free with reservation

28 April 2017

11-13.30 Focus on Lithuania and the Netherlands: extracts from work by Marius Ivaskevicius (Lithuania), Rik Van den Bosch (Netherlands), Frank Siera (Netherlands) and Jibbe Willems (Netherlands), followed by a conversation with the authors and the translator Akvile Melkunaité. (NL)

14.30-17.00 Focus on Norway and Sweden: extracts from work by Demian Vitanza (Norway), Maria Tryti Vennerød (Norway), Christina Ouzoudinis (Sweden) and Rasmus Lindberg (Sweden), followed by a conversation with the authors and the translators Jean-Baptiste Coursaud, Esther Sermage and Marianne Ségol. (FR)

17.15-19.15: Mike Sens, Lost in Translation. The translator Mike Sens will lead a live stand-up translation session together with the audience. (NL/FR/EN)

Translations and translators… We are constantly making use of them. Even without realising it. Also – increasingly – in the theatre. You may be aware that the KVS makes it a point of honour to surtitle its performances. It has become only natural in this multilingual city of Brussels. We live in and experience the city in several languages.
Mike Sens – unorthodox translator, inveterate cosmopolitan, a Dutchman who has lived in France for many years – has made translation (for the theatre) his life’s work. In Lost in Translation he immerses you in a storm of words and meanings and sets you to work yourself. It’s collective translation! You can just sit back and listen, or take an active part and make suggestions. Starting out with a few mysterious scraps of text and flanked by an incisive and combative assistant, you navigate between the rocks to reach the perfect translation…
Only to discover that there are as many of them as participants in the room. And do you know what? It’s extraordinarily engrossing too.
Stop making sense – you provide the sense.

29 April 2017

9.30-12.30 Focus on France and Spain: extracts from works by Pauline Peyrade (France), Julie Rossello-Rochet (France) and Simon Diard (France), and then Pau Miro (Spain) and Lluisa Cunillé (Spain), followed by a conversation with the authors and the translators Clarice Pasteige and Laurent Gallardo. (FR)

13.15-14.40 Focus on Germany and Switzerland: extracts from works by Katja Brunner (Switzerland) and Wolfram Höll (Germany), followed by a conversation with the authors and the translators Marina Skalova and Laurent Muhleisen. (FR)

15.00-16.40: Focus on Great Britain: extracts from works by Rachel Delahaye (GB), Gary Owen (GB) and Alistair McDowell (GB), followed by a conversation with the authors and the translator Kelly Rivière. (EN)

17.00 - 18.15 : Focus on Québec: extracts from works by Dany Boudreault (QC) and Marc-Antoine Cyr (QC/FR)