Do You Wanna Play With Me?

Sylvie Landuyt / KVS, Bad Ass Cie & Mars

#Webcamgirls #RolePlayingGame #Virtual #InRealLife #Sex #Robot. It’s only a game. 

Do You Wanna Play With Me?, based on Wedekind’s Spring Awakening, is a family story in which social media and internet porn bring tension to relationships. At night, the youngsters, just like their parents, shut themselves up in a virtual world full of explicit language and images.

The mother scours dating sites. Her introvert teenage daughter takes after her mother and online emerges as an almost voluptuous sexual creature full of self-confidence. Her virtual life increases her power in real life, but at the same time imprisons her in her self-made perfect picture. In his turn, the son becomes addicted to internet porn and is ruined by self-hatred. A new character gradually penetrates into the children’s lives. Artificial intelligence, born out of their fantasies, is the ideal mother who comes increasingly to the fore.

The social media play along too and appear onstage in the form of projections. The audience will be able to react and ‘like’ online. In addition, the atmosphere of a Japanese manga is evoked, with pop music in poor taste and images from pop culture. Do You Wanna Play With Me? is a story on several levels in which words, sounds, images and archetypes latch on to each other.

Sylvie Landuyt is a theatre-maker pur sang. She writes, performs and directs. She won the Prix de la Critique prize for best female writer for her most recent play, Elle(s), based on the character Don Juan.

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BILINGUAL AFTERTALK: 19.01.2018 / Sylvie Landuyt

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