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It was not so long ago that the author and jurist Rachida Lambaret wrote an article at the request of the KVS and the Goethe Institute in Washington: a monologue for a movie character. As a result of this piece and an interview about the film that followed, she found herself in the midst of a witch hunt that led to her dismissal. Perhaps you thought this was not possible in 21st-century Belgium? Wrong. It is. In the meantime, Rachida is working on an essay and a novel. She will be reading from this essay, which is based on her own experiences.

Art and artists do not remain silent. They are free. Always and everywhere.


Rachida Lamrabet is an author and jurist. In 2006 she won the Kif Kif Literature Prize with the short story Mercedes 207. In 2007, she published her debut novel Vrouwland, awarded the Flemish Debut Prize. A year later, the story collection Een Kind van God followed, for which she won the BNG New Literature Prize. For the Flemish-Dutch House deBuren, Lamrabet wrote two radio books in 2009: Het meisje en de kat en Kikker. In 2011, her novel, De man die niet begraven wilde worden was published by publishing house De Bezige Bij. Several of Lamrabet’s novels were translated into German. In 2013 she published a story in the collection Verre Vrienden: nieuwe pennen en penselen in de jeugdliteratuur, a publication of Davidsfonds. Intermittently, she also wrote theater texts. The first was Belga (2007), a production of ’t Arsenaal, starring Mourade Zeguendi, Lotte Heijtenis and Mostafa Benkerroum. This text was nominated for the Royal Academy of Dutch Language and Literature (KANTL) prize for stage text. At the request of Laika, she wrote Zetels van Goud (2012), a performance for young audiences that successfully toured schools and cultural centers in Flanders for four years. The theater piece De handen van Fatma (‘t Arsenaal 2014) was based on texts by Rachida Lamrabet, Fikry El Azzouzi, Michael De Cock and Birsen Taspinar. In 2016 she wrote the text for the Deburkanisation film, which premiered in 2017. For 16 years, Rachida Lamrabet also worked as a jurist for the Center for Equal Opportunities and Racism, which was renamed Unia in 2016. On March 31, 2017, she lost her job, in the wake of the political witch hunt about the piece Deburkanisation and what she revealed in an interview with the weekly magazine Knack.


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by and with Rachida Lamrabet, Nadia Fadil, Annelies Verbeke, JuniorCesar, Joke Van Leeuwen (PEN), Michael De Cock and numerous others


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