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Drarrie in de nacht

Junior Mthombeni, Cesar Janssens & Fikry El Azzouzi / KVS

Do not ask what a Drarrie is – instead, ask who Drarrie are. Four guys challenge the night, but it remains unperturbed. The night does not allow itself to be trifled with. It waits patiently and strikes mercilessly when the time is right. 

Junior Mthombeni, Fikry El Azzouzi and Cesar Janssens opened last theatre season with Malcolm X. The performance was received with much enthusiasm by audience and press alike and described as 'historic'. This season the trio have opted to stage El Azzouzi's successful novel, Drarrie in de nacht. The writer won the Ark Prize of the Free Word for the highly acclaimed novel which was published in German as Wir da draußen. 

The protagonist Ayoub and his companions wander through the city and toil through the night. Apart from each other, there is no one they can trust or rely on.


06.11.2017 - -


by FIKRY EL AZZOUZI, JUNIOR MTHOMBENI, CESAR JANSSENS, SAID BOUMAZOUGHE, RASHIF EL KAOUI, SABRI SAAD EL HAMUS, MICHAEL DE COCK set design Eugenio Szwarcer dramaturgy GERARDO SALINAS production KVS coproduction Behoud de Begeerte realised with the support of de Taxshelter of the Belgian federal government


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