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Christophe Sermet / Le Rideau de Bruxelles & KVS

The faded glory of an Ostend hotel. Emily reminisces about her childhood, about the time when she gave solo performances as a child prodigy; about her hellish relationship with her mother and her turbulent relationship with Ana, a relationship that shocked the conformist Flemish society. Meanwhile, her beloved rests on the bed in the suite. On the ground floor, feasting bailiffs celebrate the victory of the Club Brugge football team. The motionless decor smothers any hint of passion. To make life possible, everything screams for a drastic and irreparable act.

Christophe Sermet adapted a short story by Hugo Claus, infused with foolish love, death drive and a lack of respect. A biting and pathetic immoral fairy tale in chiaroscuro whose tragicomic humor hovers between the art of Spilliaert and the photographs of Nan Goldin.


text after the novel by Hugo Claus adaptation & direction Christophe Sermet french text Alain Van Crugten cast CLAIRE BODSON, LAURA SEPUL set design & lighting design Simon Siegmann costumes Brandy Alexander music Maxime Bodson assistance direction Nelly Framinet stagemaster Stanislas Drouart lighting Gauthier Minne sound Nicolas Stroïnovsky dressing Nina Juncker production Rideau de Bruxelles, Cie du Vendredi - Christophe Sermet, KVS, La Coop asbl REALISED WITH THE SUPPORT OF TAXSHELTER OF THE BELGIAN FEDERAL GOVERNMENT


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