Avant-première Rosie & Moussa

Dorothée van den Berghe

Rosie moves with her mother to a flat at the other side of Brussels. There she gets to know a lot of people: the crazy mister Twig, the eccentric miss Hemelrijk, and especially Moussa, who lives upstairs from her. He shows Rosie around the neighbourhood. He even takes her to the roof of the building. And together they look for Rosie’s dad, who didn’t come home for a while...

Dorothée van den Berghe directs, and Ruth Beeckmans, Titus De Voogdt, Mourade Zeguendi, Damiaan De Schrijver et al. star alongside Savannah Vandendriessche and Imad Bojri.

A film about the heart-warming friendship between two young neighbours. 

€ 6,5