PAX Europa

De Nieuw Amsterdam, Toneelhuis & t,arsenaal mechelen

Fascinating talk-show on the topic of Europe

“Europe, Here I am. See me, hear me, love me! Ask me ‘Who are you?’ And I will answer ‘I am you. I am Europe, I am your new face.’”

PAX Europa is the latest production by De Nieuw Amsterdam, coproduced by t,arsenaal mechelen and Toneelhuis. In an engrossing talk-show, a wide variety of guests come together to enter into discussion and to confront each other with questions on Europe in the past, present and, most certainly, in the future. What is to happen to this continent, which is in such danger of being torn apart? How can we achieve a way of living together with inhabitants whose backgrounds differ so much from each other?

PAX Europa shows the friction, the arguments and the problems of present-day Europe. But at the same time, its makers contrast this with another attitude that also prevails, the craving for solidarity and reconciliation; the will to find some form of peace. A complex question, but one that concerns everybody and is more pressing than ever.

PAX Europa is an unparalleled joint venture by young and established theatre-makers, the majority of whom themselves have a background in migration. This yields an exciting confrontation between various cultures and generations which, however different they may be, in the end all have one thing in common: they are Europeans.

The highly-praised Flemish-Moroccan author Fikry El Azzouzi has written new work specially for PAX Europa. The director is Mokhallad Rasem, who was born in Baghdad and has been working successfully in Belgium for six years, where his work has among other things been selected for the Flemish Theatre Festival. Rasem is a theatre-maker who works for Toneelhuis and other companies.


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