Pitcho Womba Konga

Pitcho Womba Konga is a rapper, producer and actor. In the 1980s this multidisciplinary Belgian with Congolese roots fled Mobutu’s totalitarian regime along with his father. Cut off from his roots, he is constantly searching for his true identity, finding an outlet in his writing and in hip hop culture. Pitcho has released three solo albums and has performed all over the world in theatre productions by figures such as Peter Brook, Amadou Hampâté Bâ, Ruud Gielens and Joël Pommerat. On the big screen he played roles in the thriller Wasteland (2014) and the short film De Overkant (2015).

Pitcho Womba Konga played in 2016 in the much-lauded performance Malcolm X. He contributes to MAPping Brussels and he is directing Kuzikiliza, a first step towards which he already performed during W.I.P. 2016. Pitcho believes that KVS has the capacity and desire to take an interest in what is going on in the streets of the capital, whilst retaining a world-oriented focus.