Daina Ashbee

Pour is a work that explores the vulnerability and strength of women, uncovering the pain they absorb in their bodies through a society that does not support them. Like her previous works, Daina Ashbee has created a dark work that confronts its audiences. Yet, for the first time, layers of joy and celebration pierce the tension that is manifested throughout the performance. 

Choreographically, Ashbee hopes to transform energy through performance and liberate her desires to occupy space with her body and even play amongst and against the frameworks she feels warped her self-image as an adolescent. She used her own menstrual cycle as the hub of her interest throughout the development of the work. 

Her synthetic set design mimics natural landscape. Her use of repetition evokes transformation which hints towards many possibilities for a resolution, while maintaining an intense vulnerability between the performer and the audience. The courageous performance traverses states of liberation, control, pain, beauty and catharsis in a live and intimate setting. 

In Pour, KVS is showing work by a rising young star in the international dance firmament. Daina Ashbee is conspicuous for her provocative and pioneering work. According to the American Dance Magazineshe is one of the ‘25 to watch’. And in 2017 she also appeared in the list of most promising artists in the renowned German magazine TANZ. She has shown her most recent work at the Venice Biennale and the Munich Dance Biennale.

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