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La Conquesta del Pol Sud

Claudia is based on the story of a young Argentinian woman, a systems engineer and sci-fi fan who lives in Buenos Aires. At twenty-two, Claudia Victoria Poblete Hlaczik discovered that she was the child of two “disappeared” people and that she had lived a life invented by a couple who were not her real parents. Claudia’s case meant a turning point in Argentina, as it marked the beginning of the end of the impunity that military officers had hitherto enjoyed.

Her experience is now brought to the stage in the form of a fragmentary account, conducted by Claudia herself, in interaction with documentary images and material from the research carried out by the company in northern Argentina. Based on experience narrated by the protagonist, La Conquesta del Pol Sud explore the relationship between collective history and individual life in a language that fuses documentary, visual poetry and theatre.
Unflinching and direct, Claudia forces us to investigate elemental ideas of revolution, memory and education.

Claudia is the second show of the trilogy about history and identity made by La Conquesta del Pol Sud. The company, currently devoted to documentary theatre, returns here with a fusion of theatre language and journalistic research to create a stage poem on memory, justice and identity.


Critics' Award of Barcelona
Max Awards
Serra d'Or Awards



10.11.2017 - De Morgen - 'Mijn hele leven was een leugen'


direction Carles Fernández Giua DRAMATURGy Claudia Poblete Hlaczik, Carles Fernández Giua, Eugenio Szwarcer set design Eugenio Szwarcer lighting design Luis Martí sound design Damien Bazin production La Conquesta del Pol Sud SCP, Festival GREC i CCCB with the support of l'Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals in collaboration with Mestizo Arts Platform


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