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Dis-moi wie ik ben

Aïcha Cissé, Aminata Demba & Frédérique Lecomte / KVS

In a whirlwind of short scenes, Aïcha Cissé and Animata Demba, two young actresses of African origin, take you with them in a search for their identity. Dis-moi wie ik ben is a playful self-portrait of the so-called ‘second generation’.

Aïcha and Aminata’s parents migrated to Belgium from Mali and Senegal respectively. It was the diamond trade that led them from West Africa to Antwerp. When they came, they didn’t intend to stay, but life took over and their children grew up in Belgium.

As representatives of the second generation, Aïcha and Aminata have all sorts of questions, and the first generation gives them few answers. So they gather fact and fiction together to tell their parents’ story, and thereby their own.

To some their story will mean delightful recognition, while for others it offers a refreshing insight into the lives of youngsters navigating between different cultures. An infectious production for ages 12 and over.


06.08.2015 - TAZette - Zeer fris en warm tegelijk


‘An asset for many years to come.’
- De Standaard -


CAST Aminata Demba, Aïcha Cissé DIRECTION Frédérique Lecomte DRAMATURGY Kristin Rogghe PRODUCTION KVS COPRODUCTION t,arsenaal mechelen/GEN2020 IN COOPERATION WITH Mestizo Arts Festival


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