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In Domestica a procession of bickering and fighting couples passes by, ranging from Medea and Jason to Sue Ellen and JR from Dallas or Al and Peg in Married with Children, from Othello and Desdemona through Liz Taylor and Richard Burton in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf to Temptation Island.

Valentijn Dhaenens and Alejandra Theus have created a collection of centuries of marital strife, raised voices and flaming rows. Again and again, the voices become hoarser, nerves are strained even further, and mind and body grow increasingly weary.

Marital disputes are a metaphor for the worldly desire for conflict and the impossibility of living together, let alone being united.

During every show, a young pianist completes the cast. The young girl accompanies the show not only by playing romantic love songs. She is also consciously present as a witness, victim or conciliator.


Valentijn Dhaenens 
made his breakthrough with the DegrotemonD (BigmoutH, Skagen 2012), which he himself directed and performed in. It is an ode to rhetoric. This was followed by DeKleineOorloG (SmallWaR), a completely different but equally stunning solo performance. Both productions toured the world. Dhaenens will be developing a number of productions over the next few seasons at the KVS. He also performs in KVS in Odysseus. Een zwerver komt thuis (part 3 on Saturday 4 February and in the marathon on Friday 24 March) and World without us (Man) by Ontroerend Goed.


20.12.2016 - De Morgen - Ruzie als hogere kunstvorm
26.12.2016 - De Standaard - Het einde van een relatie: de medley
11.01.2017 - Theaterkrant *** - De leugen van nog lang en gelukkig


"Dhaenens, but above all Theus, constantly switch acting register with great skill. No more than a click of the fingers separates tragedy from parody. Love ballads for two voices complete the duality: the ultimate romanticism or pure cynicism?
- De Standaard -
"An exceptionally amusing combination of registers."
- Het Nieuwsblad -
"The clever composition and powerful acting make it a delight to watch."
- Theaterkrant -
"Hilarious and painful."
- Knack Focus -


BY & WITH Valentijn Dhaenens & Alejandra Theus Piano Juliette Van den Steen & Ella Deknopper arrangements & musical director Noah Vanden Abeele musical coach Peter Vanhove THANKS TO Academy of music and word Sint-Agatha-Berchem PRODuction KVS


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