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Drarrie in de nacht

Jr.cE.sA.r (Junior Mthombeni, Cesar Janssens & Fikry El Azzouzi) / KVS

Don’t ask what a Drarrie is – ask who Drarrie are. Four lads challenge the night, but it remains unperturbed. The night won’t be messed with. It waits patiently, and attacks mercilessly when the time is right.

After Malcolm XJunior Mthombeni, Fikry El Azzouzi and Cesar Janssens created Drarrie in de nacht, based on El Azzouzi’s eponymous novel. The writer won the Arkprijs van het Vrije Woord for his book, which is earning high praise in the German translation Wir da draußen and was also recently translated and widely enjoyed in Spanish. In Argentina Nosotros en la noche was even named one of the most interesting novels of the year!

Expect hip hop, slam and dance. Beats come to life in a memorable scenography by Eugenio Szwarcer, and languages flow abundantly. Main character Ayoub – played by none other than the writer himself – and his friends dwell the city streets and lead you into the night, through loneliness and grief, anger and fear. They have nothing and no one, only each other to trust and lean on. 


Saïd Boumazoughe 

Saïd Boumazoughe is a member of the NoMoBS (No More Bullshit) hip hop collective, which scored more than 500,000 views on YouTube with Zehma, their first homemade video clip. NoMoBS rap in Dutch, French, English and Arabic. An encounter with Junior Mthombeni led to their musical collaboration on the play Troost, and the collective’s own production, Wachten op Gorro. Said Boumazoughe also acted in Reizen Jihad, Malcolm Xand Drarrie in de nacht. He also performed in the film Patsers, directed by Hollywood directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah.

Sabri Saad El Hamus

Sabri Saad El Hamus is an actor and the artistic head of De Nieuw Amsterdam (DNA). He has previously performed together with Junior Mthombeni in Hannibal and Amigos by 't Arsenaal mechelen and PAX Europa by DNA. He also takes on important roles in the KVS productions Malcolm Xand Drarrie in de nacht.

Junior Akwety

Junior Akwety comes from Kinshasa and is a rapper, singer- songwriter and producer. At the start of his musical career he was a member of the LO Squad hip hop group. In 2005 he set up Kifanisu, his own label, and among other things brought out the first album by the well-known rapper- rasta Ghandi, with whom he still regularly shares the stage. Junior also performed in Rumble in da Jungle and Malcom X, earlier productions directed by Junior Mthombeni. In 2017 he took on one of the lead roles in Drarrie in de nacht. In 2018 he plays Sancho Panza in the musical L’Homme de La Mancha.

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24.01.2018 - Knack - Saïd Boumazoughe
02.02.2018 - Bruzz Video - Een film op theaterplanken
05.02.2018 - Radio Klara - Drarrie in de nacht
08.02.2018 - Canvas - Culture Club
11.02.2018 - ATV - Wakker op zondag


text FIKRY EL AZZOUZI direction JUNIOR MTHOMBENI music CESAR JANSSENS by & with FIKRY EL AZZOUZI, CESAR JANSSENS, SAID BOUMAZOUGHE, RASHIF EL KAOUI, TOM VAN LANDUYT, JUNIOR AKWETY set design Eugenio Szwarcer set & instruments KVS ATELIER, CESAR JANSSENS, RALF NONN dramaturgy GERARDO SALINAS sound design STEVEN LORIE costumes HEIDI EHRHART, CATHERINE VAN BREE, NANCY COLMAN video EUGENIO SZWARCER lighting design DIMITRI STUYVEN stage master JEAN SCHOLS production manager NADIA EL MAHI assistant production manager NIELS VAN UDEN assistant director & surtitling INGE FLORÉ translators TREVOR PERRI, ANNE VANDERSCHUEREN special thanks to KRINGWINKEL HAGELAND production KVS coproduction Behoud de Begeerte realised with the support of de Taxshelter of the Belgian federal government


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