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Ontroerend Goed / Klarafestival, KVS & TG Maastricht

"We are what we repeatedly do.  
Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

- Aristotele

"There are programs running all over the place.
The ones doing their job, doing what they are meant to do, are invisible."

– The Matrix Reloaded

LOOPSTATION is an hommage to routines and habits, the beauty of everyday rituals and wonder at the patterns that make the world go round. Contrary to what we’d love to believe, namely that we’re adventurous, always looking for change and excitement and unaffected by fxed patterns, we humans actually seek for comfort, balance and familiar structures.

LOOPSTATION is a big-stage performance with live music, in which today is always a bit like yesterday but still different from tomorrow. Where growth is not an obligation but a natural consequence of the actions that give meaning to existence. Nothing is entirely new and yet anything is ever the same. Nine performers build a world on a rotating disk, a fascinating microcosm in which everything is connected and loops no obstacle to progress.


28.03.2018 - Culture Club - Gaat dat zien!


DIRECTION ALEXANDER DEVRIENDT composition Joris Blanckaert PERFORMERS Angelo Tijssens, Ferre Marnef, Hans Trentelman, Jeroen Van der Ven, Julia Ghysels, Karolien De Bleser, Max Wind, Nona Demey Gallagher, Sachli Gholamalizad Music Performed by Hyoid Contemporary Voices: Christi Finn, Laurence Servaes, Pauline Claes, Fabienne Seveillac DRAMATURGY JOERI SMET, Marie Peeters (intern) lighting design BABETTE PONCELET Stage master Danny Vandeput a.o costumes Charlotte Goethals, Valerie Le Roy, Vittoria Spadafora (intern) technicians Babette Poncelet, Tom Daniels, Rinus Samyn, Sean de Sweemer (intern) photgraphy Sarah Eechaut set photography Mirjam Devriendt graphic design Nick Mattan translation surtitles Joeri Smet, Aurélie Lannoy COPRODuction Ontroerend Goed (B), KlaraFestival (B), Toneelgroep Maastricht (NL), Kunstencentrum Vooruit (B), KVS (B), Theatre Royal Plymouth (UK) & Richard Jordan Productions (UK) With the support of the Flemish Governement & The City of Ghent // This show was made possible with the support of the Tax Shelter measure from the Belgian Federal Government thanks to compagnie Barbarie, Troubleyn/Jan Fabre, AZ Sint-Lucas Gent, cirQ, Sophie de Somere, everyone our test audience, the enthusiast participants of our photo project


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