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Malcolm X

Jr.cE.sA.r (Junior Mthombeni, Cesar Janssens & Fikry El Azzouzi) / KVS

Malcolm X has always remained a source of inspiration and controversy. In his powerful statements, and with an undeniable charisma, he demanded equal rights and stood up for his Islamic beliefs. His eventful life and trenchant speeches still appeal to the imagination, and such topics as identity, activism and religion are very much on the agenda right now. The multilingual theatre-concert production Malcolm X involves exceptional collaboration by performers from Brussels, Antwerp, Amsterdam, London and elsewhere. They translate the story of Malcolm X’s struggle to today’s city through such urban art forms as slam poetry and hip hop. At the same time they take a close look at his legacy and at contemporary society.


11.10.2016 - BRUZZ - "Wij waren Beyonce voor"
14.10.2016 - De Standaard - Malcolm X, muze of duivel
17.10.2016 - De Morgen **** - Geanimeerd eerbetoon aan Malcolm X
17.10.2016 - BRUZZ - Zoek de Malcolm X in jezelf
17.10.2016 - De Standaard **** - Gedaan met behagen
18.10.2016 - Le Soir **** - "Malcolm X" enflamme Bruxelles
20.10.2016 - De Morgen - Postergirls voor diversiteit
19.10.2016 - Knack - Malcolm X leeft
21.08.2017 - Gazet van Antwerpen - 'Malcolm X' laat Rivierenhof swingen
23.08.2017 - Luminous Dash - MALCOLM X - OLT Rivierenhof
01.09.2017 - Le Vif L'Express - I have a dream
21.09.2017 - Het Laatste Nieuws - Malcolm X trapt nieuw seizoen De Factorij op gang
12.01.2018 - Rekto:Verso - Nobele woede op de planken
22.02.2018 - Onder de bomen (Natacha Michiels) - Word, sound & power met Malcolm X


'The first outstanding production under Michael de Cock’s artistic leadership is more of a festive than a militant theatre concert, and it puts a whole set of astonishing talents in the spotlights.'
- Bruzz -
'This production does not present a hagiographic view of the preacher of Pan-Africanism who was murdered in 1965. The young theatre-makers give our ideas about Malcolm X a good shake-up and relate them to the present-day metropolitan context. The colourful company assembled for the production does its own thing with a good deal of wilfulness and artistic sense. These angry young men deliver a rhythmical, well-constructed creation.'
- De Morgen **** -
'Malcolm X plays on a perfect balance between annoyance and appeal.'
- De Morgen **** -
'This man, more than a name or an icon, and a symbol of Afro-American activism, gives his energy to a trio of KVS artists: Junior Mthombeni, Fikry El Azzouzi and Cesar Janssens. They cast their bodies into the struggle together with about twenty performers, actors, musicians, dancers and slammers.'
- Les Inrocks -


TEXT Fikry El Azzouzi DIRECTOR Junior Mthombeni MUSIC Cesar Janssens BY & WITH PITCHO WOMBA KONGA, SAID BOUMAZOUGHE, JESSICA FANHAN, RASHIF EL KAOUI, Noureddine Farihi, SUKINA ABDUL NOOR, MUNEERA RASHIDA, JUNIOR MTHOMBENI, CESAR JANSSENS, STEVEN VAN GOOL, PIETER VAN BOGAERT, FRANK VAGANÉE, Hans Bossuyt, ARNE DEMETS, BABS JOBO, JOFFREY ANANE, DORIS BOKONGO NKUMU, NATHALIE BOKONGO NKUMU, JUNIOR AKWETY, Ntjam Rosie, DIETER VAGANÉE, ANTOINE COLIN, MUHAMMET IKBAL SAHAN, TOBE WOUTERS, LOIC DUMOULIN, NOAH NZUAMO DRAMATURGY Kristin Rogghe, Tunde Adefioye VIDEO Omar Harrak Semati, Monir Ait Hammou, Hicham El Ghazi & Roland Dumbi-Kabangu (LaborArtory) SOUND DESIGN Steven Lorie, Patrick Van Neck lighting design Dimitri Stuyven CHOREOGRAPHY KARIM KALONJI COSTUMES Heidi Ehrhart, Defne Parman assistant director & surtitling Inge Floré TRANSLATORS Trevor Perri, Anne Vanderschueren, Martine Wezenbeek, Isabelle Grynberg Michaël Meert stagemaster Jean Schols production leader Nadia El Mahi PRODUCTION KVS IN COLLABORATION WITH Mestizo Arts Festival


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