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David Van Reybrouck, Raven Ruëll & Bruno Vanden Broecke / KVS

A talk given by a White Father about his work in the Congo. The suspicions we may have about this person are not misplaced. Is he, a missionary, trying to convince us that Belgian’s colonial past also had its good sides? Will he try to convert us? Following an extensive tour through Europe, this haunting monologue by David Van Reybrouck (Congo. Een geschiedenis), performed by Bruno Vanden Broecke, returns to where it all began in 2007.


19.12.2007 - De Standaard - Een blanke stem uit Kongo
18.12.2007 - Le Soir - Le cri du missionnaire
17.12.2007 - De Morgen***** - Missie geslaagd


'Play of the year'
- Klara -
'Bruno Vanden Broecke performs what is probably his most surprising interpretation ever. Applause.'
- De Standaard -
'A staggering, hard but moving performance'
- De Morgen -
'A superb text… an exceptional interpretation'
- Le Soir -
'A great actor… real theatre'
- La Libre Belgique -


Text David Van Reybrouck Director Raven Ruëll with Bruno Vanden Broecke technical stage master Lieven Symaeys, Donald Berlanger dramaturgy Ivo Kuyl scenography Leo de Nijs lighting DESIGN Johan Vonk production KVS tour management & coordination SASKIA LIÉNARD


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