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The Essays of the 16th-century French gentleman-philosopher Michel de Montaigne are among the most interesting writings in literature. They are sketches for a self-portrait, a public confession and a long soliloquy. The reader is therefore the privileged witness to Montaigne’s relentless attempts to understand his own existence, to understand man. His motto was: Que sais-je? Indeed, what does anyone really know for sure?

Montaigne is now on stage. Koen De Sutter moves Montaigne’s relentless quest to the present. He thinks about the big and small things in life. He talks about his pain and his joy. He denounces, confuses, admires, remembers, wavers, is curious and looks critically at those in power and at himself. But above all, he is hungry for good conversation.


10.11.2016 - Rue du théâtre - La philo facile.... Montaigne


A masterpiece
- De Standaard **** -
A passionate plea for doubt. And compassion. Which is precisely what our age needs ****
- Cutting Edge -
The words of the 16th-century humanist Montaigne represent everything our age seems to lack. Even today his ‘Essais’ are extremely topical. Let them be presented by Koen De Sutter and you get a standing ovation.
- De Morgen -


CAST & CONCEPT Koen De Sutter TEXT Alexander Roose LIGHTING Bas Devos IMAGE Sofie Muller COSTUME DESIGN Anja Perisic MUSIC Cesar De Sutter TECH. Piraten! ASSISTANCE Camille Bourgeus MANAGEMENT Saskia Liénard PRODUCTION Dadanero coproduction KVS


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