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FRINGE FIRST Edinburgh Festival 2018

Onbezongen gives you a portrait of the homo politicus. Not the gauche politician from Yes, Minister, the idealised machine from The West Wing, the lonely evil genius from House of Cards or the has-been from Revue Ravage. The emphasis is on the realistic way in which we deal with power in our Western world. The piece also investigates the mostly irrational reasons for this hunger for power.

Onbezongen starts out from the idea that the politician’s talent is also ultimately the cause of his downfall. For time and time again, it is his drive that makes him go too far, his strength of character that makes him lose touch with reality, his charisma that fails to achieve its aims, or his suppleness that leads to him being accused of being untrustworthy and fake.

Onbezongen goes back to the seeds of political life: why do leaders have such a powerful desire for power in a democracy, where power is highly relative and where politicians are subject to the demands of voters, the media and interest groups? Why does a politician seek recognition in a job that is known to be the most unpopular ever?

As a party spokesperson, a cabinet member for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and at the European Commission, and finally as a speechwriter for amongst others Karel De Gucht and José Manuel Barroso, Vincent Stuer was able to penetrate deeply into the tissue of politics. These positions allowed him to closely observe and to study power and those in power. In addition, Vincent has been obsessively working through political histories and biographies for decades, with an impressive archive of anecdotes and quotes as a result.


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'Stuer subtly marks the tragedy of his character: it is lonely at the top for everyone’s friend.'
- De Standaard **** -
'Onbezongen is a play that sows seeds, that makes you think. The sort of play of which there should be more.'
- Het Nieuwsblad **** -
'Onbezongen neither endorses nor negates these not very flattering stereotypes, but offers a nuanced and realistic readjustment of the true DNA of the Homo Politicus.'
- De Morgen **** -
'You would blindly make Dhaenens, with charisma engraved into his face, the party’s leading candidate. It is clever how his character tumbles swiftly from campaign speech to media storm to triumphal procession. A wolf in chameleon’s clothing.'
- De Standaard **** -
'What underlies Onbezongen is a powerful script. The actor Valentin Dhaenens is quite at home in his role, and is a credible slick operator and woolly smooth-talker.'
- De Morgen **** -
'As ever, Dhaenens is witty, charismatic and compelling even at his most grotesque.'
- The Guardian -
'An amoral political chameleon with a darting lizard tongue to match.'
- Broadway Baby -
'amongst the 10 best shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe'
- The Guardian -
'one of the most powerful performers on the Fringe'
- The Scotsman -
'Dhaenens doesn't just paint this man as a villain, however. The humanity glints through in Skype calls and FaceTimes with loved ones, showing a stressed and vulnerable person. It's this tone contrast that gives the play its power.'
- Theatre Review -
'Everything that happens onstage is planned with dramaturgical precision and executed magnificently.'
- Total Theatre -


by & with valentijn dhaenens text vincent stuer DRAMATURGy KRISTIN ROGGHE set design Roel Van Berckelaer costumes Heidi Ehrhart lighting design Margareta Andersen sound Max Stuurman & Stephane Papadopoulos ASSISTANCE DIRECTION & SURTITLING Inge Floré production manager Nele Druyts technical director Donald Berlanger SET CONSTRUCTION Danny Vandeput DISTRIBUTION & TOURMANAGEMENT Saskia Liénard translation Trevor Perri (ENG) & Anne Vanderschueren (FR) PRODUCTIon KVS & SKaGeN


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