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Pitcho Womba Konga


Pitcho Womba Komba is a rapper, producer and actor. He has made three solo albums since 2003: Regarde comment, Crise de Nègre and #RDVAF (Rendez-vous avec le future). He has appeared onstage all over the world in productions by Peter Brook, Amadou Hampâté Bâ, Ruud Gielens and Joel Pommerat. On the silver screen, he has acted in the thriller Wasteland (2014) and the short film De Overkant (2015).


26.09.2017 - Rekto Verso - Beste Pitcho Womba Konga,
20.10.2017 - Le Vif - Rappeurs-acteurs
21.10.2017 - De Standaard Cultuur - 'Als ik het kan, dan jij ook'
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