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A reason to talk

Sachli Gholamalizad / kunstZ & KVS

Sachli Gholamalizad, an actrice with Iranian roots, tries to find out why she experiences such a difficult relationship with her mother. She confronts her mother and grandmother in a compilation of texts & video.

Selected for Jong Theater Aan Zee 2014 & Circuit X / Theaterfestival 2015-2016.


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"Gholamalizad's performance conveys a palpably raw anger and resentment"
- FEST -
'A reason to talk' is equally moving, provoking and daring. A bold and beautiful piece of art.'
- Broadway Baby -
'Through these diverse mediums, she digs deep into her flaws, her hopes, her fears, and her family, creating a visually dense, and conceptually brilliant performance.'
- My Entertainment World -
'A failure to communicate between mother and daughter becomes an eloquent deconstruction of the limits of articulacy.'
- The Stage -
'A bravely personal piece.'
'The core premise and style of the approach are truly unique and with further shaping this piece could pack more of an emotional wallop.'
- *** EXEUNT -
'A Reason To Talk is a painful and searching show, in other words, as courageous as it is austerely inventive.'
'She becomes the DJ of her own family history, through a tangle of multimedia.'
- **** The Stage -
'Simply represents the story of all mothers and daughters.'
- **** The Scotsman -


BY & WITH Sachli Gholamalizad SET DESIGN Steven Brys technique & production manager DONALD BERLANGER COACHING Greet Vissers SOUNDSCAPE Andrew Claes PRODUCTION TEAM Mulanga Nkolo THANKS TO SHOKAT ARMON, SASKIA LIENARD, BART BAELE, JULIE DE CLERCQ, ZEYNAB HAMEDANI MOJARAD, EHSAN HEMMAT, SENJAN JANSEN, BART VAN NUYS PRODuction kunstZ, KVS & Royal Theatre Plymouth / Richard Jordan Productions Ltd. WITH THE SUPPORT OF De Vlaamse Overheid & Stad Antwerpen


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