Coup Fatal

Serge Kakudji, Rodriguez Vangama, Fabrizio Cassol & Alain Platel
KVS & les ballets C de la B

! On the occasion of the final series of performances of Coup Fatal at the KVS, on 17 April you can attend a unique concert:
The musicians of Coup Fatal & Guests in concert.

In Coup Fatal the Congolese countertenor Serge Kakudji and 12 musicians from Kinshasa engage with the baroque repertoire. A new and contemporary universe is created around the vocals, both visually and in music: exuberant and organic and yet full of contradictions.

The music is by the Brussels composer Fabrizio Cassol and guitarist Rodriguez Vangama; the director is Alain Platel, assisted by the dancer Romain Guion (C(H)ŒURS) and the overall setting, a curtain of empty cartridges, is by Freddy Tsimba. And let us not forget the costumes! The baroque Coup Fatal is given the unadulterated brilliance of the perky « sapeurs », the dandies of Kinshasa. Rather than a tribute to baroque music, Coup Fatal is an ode to the inexorable elegance and vitality of the Congolese.

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25 (cat. 1) / € 22 (cat. 2)
22 (cat. 1) / € 18 (cat. 2) / € 13 (-26)
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