Eye on Palestine

Day 4

For 9 days, Eye on Palestine turns the spotlight on inspiring films, concerts, and the performing and other arts – all linked to Palestine. The festival is a meeting place where both young and experienced artists can share their view of the reality in Palestine with the audience.

The fifth Eye on Palestine will take place at several Brussels venues: Théâtre Marni (28.03), CC Jacques Franck (29.03 & 05.04) and the KVS (30.03 > 04.04).


Tamara Erde

20:00 - KVS_BOL
Documentary, 90', in English

How do the Palestinian and Israeli (Jewish and Arab) education systems teach the history of their nations? The film follows several Israeli and Palestinian teachers during a school year and the way they teach their national history. Through dialogues and challenges with their students, debates with the ministries curriculum and its restrictions, the viewers obtain the long lasting and profound effect that the Israeli/Palestinian conflict transmits onto the next generation.

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Raven Ruëll / Groupov

22:00 - KVS_TOP
Lecture/performance, in French, subtitled in Dutch, 100'

Theatre director Raven Ruëll has made a number of remarkable productions at KVS, including "Parasiites", "The Life and Works of Leopold II" and "Mission", which is still being performed. He has also written a number of individual texts, which he often performs himself.
“Neutrality Impossible" was triggered by a photograph of a happy family picknicking while they are watching a Palestinian family being evicted from their home. Ruëll could not stop watching that picture. It drives him to read through piles of documentation, attend everything connected from the Russell Tribunal to conferences, and ultimately losing the ability to remain impartial.
In Francophone theatre company Groupov, Ruëll found the perfect partner to play out his initial bafflement on the scene. Ruëll has never hidden his admiration of director Delcuvellerie. He was especially impressed by the way he told the prehistory of the gencide in "Rwanda 94".

With the cooperation of Marie-France Collard, Jacques Delcuvellerie and Jean-Pierre Urbano.


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