Infini 1 - 15


‘If we learn more and more about more and more places we are not in at that time, where can we acquire the imagination needed to let all these possible places sink in?’
-  Blaise Pascal

The scenery workshop of the stage designer Joseph Wouters consists of a chaotic group of builders, thinkers, former sailors and a retired landscape painter. During the 2015-2016 season, they will simply use the ‘Koninklijke Vlaamse Kijkmachine’ for what it is supposed to be used: depicting other places. They enter into a dialogue with artists, scientists and journalists. Every talk with these correspondents produces an ‘infini’ – traditionally a backdrop on which a view is painted. Each evening consists of seven sets that are displayed one by one: seven attempts to unfold landscapes, as horizons for a world in which there is now barely room for imagination. How can we use delicate stage designs to shake up our view of the theatre and the world?

Jozef Wouters is known for his powerful installations on location: All problems can never be solved at the Cité Modèle in Laken and the Zoological Institute for Recently Extinct Species at the Brussels Museum of Natural Sciences. At the request of the KVS, he and his scenery workshop will now for the first time be occupying the large stage.

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