It’s in the small things

Pieter Ampe &

He is terrified of tags and labels. Each identity is like a snakeskin that is later shed. Nothing about Pieter Ampe betrays the dancer: beard and belly. With Still Standing You and Jake & Pete's Big Reconciliation Attempt for the Disputes From the Past (with his brother Jacob) he created duets that were warmly received by the audience, playful explorations of the unexplored regions of physicality. He draws from his own life, his own shame, his own failure. After all, that is the basis of slapstick: the endless struggle with repeated failure. He now wants to share this experience with six dancers, tall dancers, with a view to a production for the larger stage. But what if they are not big enough? Will they have to use stilts? And can we then still carry on a conversation in which there is room for the small, the puny, the loser, the minimal? Pieter has been examining these and other questions for about six weeks and ends with an unpredictable presentation of the results!