A map of the world

KVS & Tristero / David Hare

A Map of the World is a clever comedy by the successful British playwright David Hare, the scenarist of The Hours, The Reader and other films. Two narratives are interwoven. On the one hand we see a progressive journalist locking horns with a conservative writer at a world conference on poverty in Bombay. On the other we see how the romanticized version of this confrontation is staged years later on a film set in England.

A Map of the World is about clashing views and practices. About how the West and the Third World see each other. About how various journalists and writers handle fact and fiction. About the danger zone where world politics and romance intersect.

A Map of the World is an ingenious, wryly humorous encounter with reality. The perfect material for a new and exciting collaboration between the Brussels company Tristero and the KVS.

  • Actors will smoke on stage during this performance.
  • introduction by Wannes Gyselinck: Wednesday 11.12 - 19:30 - Café Congo
  • after-show discussion: Friday 13.12 - KVS_Box
  • evening programme
  • the keys
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In English, surtitled in Dutch and in French