Stones in her mouth

Lemi Ponifasio

For the last few years the KVS has been showing the work of the internationally acclaimed Samoan choreographer Lemi Ponifasio and his MAU company. His work, which lies at the crossroads of dance, ritual theatre and visual art, has previously been performed at renowned festivals and theatres all over the world. He draws on the traditions of the Pacific peoples to create tremendously powerful, hypnotic work that leaves no one unmoved.
His latest creation, Stones in Her Mouth, turns the spotlight on ten Maori women; telling in dance and song stories of oppression and the abuse of power, and of a changing world.
It is hard to capture one of this company’s shows in words; it is an exceptional experience that we can heartily recommend. One member of the audience said it was a privilege to be able to witness it.

Selected by Wim Vandekeybus for December Dance 2013

25 (cat. 1) / € 22 (cat. 2)
21 (cat. 1) / € 18 (cat. 2)