Talk to the demon

Wim Vandekeybus
Ultima Vez & KVS

In Talk to the Demon, Wim Vandekeybus works with a team of six performers and two children.

'We humans are desperately busy with giving sense to everything that happens between two mysteries - birth and death. That's the beautiful and dangerous side of our existence. We are inventive, we're gamblers and risk takers. We try to be what we are not. We like to suggest, to think in associations. Those are our instincts and impulses, but society creates rules, which suppress this in order to go against the chaos in our heads. We all create demons inside ourselves to fight out our inner struggles. Good can't exist without bad... It's just a question of balance.

Talk to the Demon is a piece without music. In that sense it's very scary, very naked, but at the same time also pure and touching. Performances are often too beautifully packaged in order to hide what's really presented.'

- Wim Vandekeybus

25 (cat. 1) / € 22 (cat. 2)
22 (cat. 1) / € 18 (cat. 2) / € 13 (-26)