Ugo Dehaes & fABULEUS

After successfully collaborating with fABULEUS for GIRLS (2013), Ugo Dehaes works with a group of young people again in RATS. This time he opposes a couple of drones, an adult contemporary female dancer and seven young urban dancers. They twist around each other. They observe, copy and challenge each other. Solos and battles merge into group dances. Movements collide or go viral. Different worlds discover each other's edges, from which a new dance language originates.


fABULEUS is a unique production company for dance and theatre. Its main focus is the development of young artistic talent in collaboration with more experienced creators. fABULEUS provides professional opportunities before, during and after a course and tries to devote as much attention as possible to people’s development over a period of time. These provocative creations are shown to a broad audience, with a particular emphasis on children and adolescents. fABULEUS is based at the OPEK arts centre in Leuven and performs not only all over Flanders, but also increasingly in other countries.

€ 17
€ 13 / € 9 (-26)