Rise Up

Sukina Douglas & KVS

Sukina Douglas is an internationally renown (slam) poet and performer from London with Jamaican roots. She has appeared on stage at KVS several times as a member of the hip-hop duo Poetic Pilgrimage. In Malcolm X she made quite an impression with her powerful and moving lyrics. 

This spring she will be returning to Brussels for a KVS residency. She will be going out into the city to meet Brussels people of all walks of life. A year after the attacks at the airport and the Maalbeek underground station, she will converse with them on this sensitive topic through the vehicle of poetry. 

About fifteen people will be invited to explore it in greater depth and to take up their pen in a multilingual poetry workshop on 18 and 19 March. Their writings will be shared in and with the city as memorials on the symbolic date of 22 March.

Participants: M.E. Grey, Hana Miletic, Geert Van Istendael, Maryam Kamal Hedayat, Myrthe Baptist, Samira Saleh, Sophia Bengtsson, Leen Pil, Laura Uwase, Filip Van Zandycke, Maimouna Bah, Karolina Ciejka, Tarik El-Haruati, Diane Ntahimpera, Tamara Swuine, Zohra Temzamani, Hafsa Benamar, Ajron Kotar