Saint-Amour 2018

Behoud de Begeerte

Let love rule / Living apart together

The British isles drifted away from the continent a long time ago, but Brexit makes this painful divorce final. Fortunately a few eminent writers and other acts still live there who have not surrendered their love and are retracing their footsteps specially for Saint Amour. It is a very generous assortment: the British are able to draw on one of the richest literary traditions and in 2018 still have a couple of first-rate authors in their ranks. After the 2017 festival, which focused on one single author, Saint Amour is once again expanding to full strength. Who will be included will only be revealed in the months leading up to the tour – it depends on current literary events, individual schedules and whether there is a general exit prohibition by that time. But it will include some big fish.

Behoud de Begeerte has opted for a country as its theme once before, in 2011, and on that occasion it was Italy. With an eye to current political events, in 2018 the focus will be on all the refined, eloquent and Shakespearian brilliance that the British have produced. No Brexit will deprive us of that. In addition to a solid British cast, all the familiar elements of Saint Amour will return: an ingenious set and lighting, intermezzos and film excerpts, plus that other characteristic of the British that we shall miss so much: humour.


€ 25 (cat. 1) / €22 (cat. 2)
€ 22 (cat. 1) / € 18 (cat. 2) / € 13 (-26)