Slapend Rijk


A tragi-comedy based on Juli Zeh’s international bestseller ‘Unterleuten’

As a result of a ministerial order, the sleepy village of Unterleuten is given the ‘opportunity’ to play a pioneering role in the latest social development: wind power for the energy of the future. Although no one in the village asked for them, wind turbines become everyone’s new obsession. A rather unsubtle conflict breaks out in this micro-society full of colourful characters, driven by the pursuit of profit, self-interest or good intentions. Bygones from decades past and fresh insights follow each other in rapid succession, seeking how to relate to this new capitalist ecology. Who will benefit from it? Most likely those who can adapt best to the new reality. The survival of the fittest, but with a dubious green tinge.

€ 20 (cat.1) / € 17 (cat.2)
€ 17 (cat.1) / € 13 (cat.2) / € 9 (-26)