SLOW #01

Sabrina Mahfouz / KVS

The world is changing rapidly! Especially in the city with an influx of new people and new forms of art. KVS therefore plans to bring the amazingly inspiring artistic undercurrent of the street to the stage. Which explains SLOW. Through spoken word and urban theatre, SLOW (Slam Our World) gives us a unique artistic perspective of our world. An international guest will be invited to each SLOW session. Following several weeks’ residency in Brussels, he or she will share the KVS stage with local artists, in an attempt, both heroic and vulnerable, to capture the colourful, multi-faceted soul of the city in verse.


SLOW#01 - Sabrina Mahfouz
British-Egyptian writer, (slam) poet, performer and playwright Sabrina Mahfouz will be the main guest during our first SLOW evening. Following residencies and productions in New York, Glasgow and Manchester, she won the Fringe First Award (Edinburgh). She was commissioned by The National Theatre of Great Britain to create a performance about freedom of speech in Egypt. 

Feminism, social justice and gender equality and inequality are recurring topics in her work. Apart from the inspiration that Brussels will offer her, these themes will undoubtedly form the thread in the first KVS SLOW evening.

Sabrina Mahfouz recorded an exclusive audio blog for KVS. 

SLOW#01 - Saraa Saleh
The Syrian Saraa Saleh studied architecture in her native country. In 2001 she came to Belgium to study and is currently working at the Faculty of Arab and Islamic Studies and the Institute of Modern Languages at the KUL. She is also a writer and painter.

SLOW#01 - Anissa Boujdaini
Anissa is a slam poet and spoken word performer. She draws her audience gently but implacably into her stream of thought by means of personal and socially-critical writing. She describes her work as ‘simple words of solid substance’.


25.11.2016 After the performance, Najet Boulafdal (correspondent for MO*) chairs a debate in which several feminists and their views are represented; in association with Ella vzw.

What does it mean to be a woman and a feminist in Belgium? Which women have their voice heard and which women rarely have a voice in the feminist debate? And what themes come up in a discussion of feminism, self-determination, thinking in terms of diversity, etc. – and how? How do women from the MENA region and/or women with a Muslim background approach feminism? What does it mean to them and what form does their feminist commitment take, if any? In this panel discussion we shall explore feminism and women of Muslim background in greater depth.

Members of the panel:
•    Najet Boulafdal (MO* magazine, chair)
•    Iman Lechkar (Lecturer social work Odisee and postdoc researcher KULeuven)
•    Sayira Maruf (member of the board of Ella vzw, knowledge centre on gender and ethnicity)
•    Assia Missaoui (activist/member of BOEH)
•    Sam Mouissat (project coordinator at Merhaba)

26.11.2016 Zulu Nation Belgium is celebrating 33 years of hip-hop culture in Belgium with a big party.


Subbacultcha - The sound of me
25.11.2016 - Bruzz - Performer-poet Sabrina Mahfouz is here to slam our world

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